As in most cities, the bars are a favourite gathering spot for the gays and lesbians in Paris. Most offer a happy hour in the afternoon until about 20H00 or 21H00.

When the weather is nice, they set out the tables on the terrace so you can sit and drink and enjoy the sights.

The bars often serve as a launch pad for a few drinks before heading to the clubs.

A typical weekend evening might be happy hour, followed by a restaurant, followed by a few drinks at a bar before going out clubbing.

The last metro is at 01H20 on weekdays and 02H20 on Saturday nights. Getting a taxi on Friday and Saturday nights is next to impossible.

Another solution is to use the "Velib" or bicycle stations that you see all around Paris. Put in your credit card and you can ride the bike for 30 minutes for 1 euro. The prices increase exponentially after 30 minutes, so try to get to your destination and park you bike in another station within the 30 minutes; othewise you might find yourself with a hefty bill.

13 rue Parrot
75012 Paris
Phone: 01 43 42 22 43
Hours: 12H00 - 22H00
Metro Gare de Lyon
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Euro Men's Club
8-10 rue St Marc
75002 Paris
Phone: 01 42 33 92 63
Hours: 12H00 - 21H30
Metro Bourse
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Gym Louvre
7 rue du Louvre
75001 Paris
Phone: 01 40 39 95 01
Hours: 09H00 - 02H00
12H00 - 02H00 Sundays
Metro Louvre - Rivoli
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4 rue du Faubourg Montmartre
75009 Paris
Phone: 01 45 23 10 03
Hours: 12H00 - 01H00
Metro Grands Boulevards
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Sun City
62 boulevard de Sébastopol
75003 Paris
Phone: 01 42 74 31 41
Hours: 12H00 - 06H00
Metro Etienne Marcel
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le Til't Sauna
41 rue St Anne
75001 Paris
Hours: 12H00 - 07H00
Metro Pyramides
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